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Ericsson Backgrounds

ericsson t68 colour backgrounds - new color backgrounds images for your ericsson

Ericsson T68 Colour Backgrounds

Ericsson T68 Colour Backgrounds:

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Latest Ericsson Backgrounds:

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::: Ericsson T68i Phone Info: :::

The T68i is all about imaging, usability, great looks and the latest mobile technology. As the first ever phone to support MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) via its superior ericsson colour backgrounds and polyphonic ringtones, it's the most expressive way to communicate on the move.

As well as an impressive colour backgrounds capability, the Ericsson T68i has GPRS for fast mobile Internet access, great personalization features and organizational tools.

In standby mode, your Sony Ericsson T68i will activate a screensaver after approx. 30 seconds. First, it displays an Ericsson Colour Backgrounds of your choice and then an impressive floating digital clock appears on the screen after the colour background. Your Ericsson background can be animated too.

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